Join conditions

First, those interested in high-end yacht industry, the yacht industry has strong entrepreneurial desire and confidence to succeed.

Second, Peng Jie Group recognized franchise chain business model and joined the management system.

Third, in the area where there is a wealth of joining a network of resources and good social reputation.

Four, the franchisee must have their own independent stores, provide proof of ownership or lease proved to be in the downtown location of the lot, near the shopping street or upscale community, with good parking conditions and advertising effectiveness.

Five, the franchisee decoration, furnishings should be unified store image and administered in accordance with the drawings and programs provided by Headquarters, renovation grade class ranking local industry standards.

Six, staffing: including manager, captain, sailor, etc., received Peng Jie business model training.

Seven, financial strength: Operators have a considerable financial strength for pre-rental shop, renovation, the first purchase and pre-market investment, publicity expenses, and the necessary liquidity.

Nine, shall obtain a business license, tax registration, health permits and other related licenses before operating.

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